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Plum, a new-grown bud that was once upon a time a tiny seed …

About us

Plum is a local, online homeware and tableware accessories business based in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Since its launch in 2015, Plum established itself as a brand that believes that beauty should infuse everyday life and everyday objects in order to inspire our homes and souls.

Plum’s story started with an inquisitive passion for tableware and fine porcelain. Following this passion, Plum carries a carefully curated selection of tableware accessories from multiple local and international designers, allowing it to provide its clients with unique, high-end products from all over the world.

about plum
Our Mission

To offer a wide range of unique and luxurious homeware and tableware accessories from multiple designers from all over the world.

Our Vision

To infuse our clients' homes and souls with beauty.

about plum
Our Values

We value love, beauty, integrity and professionalism.

Ready Gifts

Alongside tableware accessories, we also offer unique gift arrangements for all your happy moments. Whether it’s a beloved one’s birthday, a newborn welcoming, or a new home occasion, Plum is just a few clicks away to offer the ideal gift.